Fagunia is a labor of love for our long held dream. We have always been passionate about traveling, homestays, sustainable living, organic farming and have been fortunate to find a space of our own to put those passions into practice. We also feel that trapped in our increasingly atomized urban lifestyles, most of us have also lost touch with the natural world that is the sustaining source for life on this planet.

Fagunia Farmstay is our modest attempt to try living in harmony with nature and offer responsible travelers a chance to reconnect with the natural world and give them an opportunity to enjoy the peace, beauty and gentle rhythms of nature. Through our farm fresh produce we aim to grow and share our own food using organic farming methods that preserve soil and nutrients. And by harvesting rain water, recycling sewage and waste and installing solar power we aim to eventually become completely self sufficient and minimize our impact on the natural world.

Aditi & Anil

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Team Fagunia

The people behind the scenes who work hard to ensure that your stay is a memorable one

Aditi is an inveterate traveller, DIY enthusiast, passionate cook, amateur photographer and co-founder of Nukkad Mandi, an upcycling marketplace that connects sellers and buyers. When not doing any of these, she is busy developing and executing strategies to raise funds to support the work of non-profits.


Anil is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and traveller, not necessarily in that order. He is the founder and curator of Aksgar, co-founder of the Wanted Series and Ghumna. When not doing any of the above he can be found developing and implementing communication strategies for non-profits.

Farmstay Cook

Deepa lives in the same village where Fagunia Farmstay is located. She is in charge of the kitchen and all meals.

Farmstay Help

Paras lives in the same village where Fagunia Farmstay is located. He helps Deepa in the kitchen and with general tasks.

Farmstay Help

Raju lives in the same village where Fagunia Farmstay is located. He helps with cleaning and room setup.

Our Brand Story

Fagunia Brand

Fagunia’s stunning logo and brand have been developed by the amazing design team of Sriparna and Rohit who are fellow mountain lovers and co-founders of the Delhi based communication design studio: Tiffinbox.

Fagunia Logo

The Fagunia logo is intended to convey that a stay with us will offer our guests a break from mundane urban life and a chance to reconnect with the natural world. The swaying flower stalks symbolise the rejuvenating spring breeze. The red flowers represent the flower of the burans or rhododendron tree, a cultural symbol of the Himalayas and the state tree of Uttarakhand, which can be seen in the forest on the way to Fagunia Farmstay.

Our Credos

Recycle. Reuse. Reduce

We are conscious of the fact that our homestay is located in a fragile environment that is under increasing anthropogenic pressure. We will strive to reduce our impact by reducing consumption, recycling and reusing as much as possible.


We will work to become self sufficient in growing our own organic food, generating our own power through renewable energy sources, use only harvested or recycled water and achieve zero waste status.


We will offer arts and organic farming residencies to enable artists and organic farmers learn and reflect by being close to nature.


We hope our homestay feels like a second home so that you will want to visit again and again.


We work with locals as much as possible to generate employment and reduce migration to the cities.


We are open to collaborations with like minded folks. If you are interested in offering small workshops at our homestay on specific themes then please reach out to us. Click on the contact link on the side to write to us.

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