The best thing to do at Fagunia Farmstay is to do nothing! Just sit back and lose yourself in the beautiful vistas outside and imbibe that special mountain quiet. Apart from doing nothing, here are some suggested activities that you can take up during your stay with us.

Fagunia Experiences

Enhance your mountain stay with us through a special Fagunia Experience. Through these curated activities, led by an Experience Curator, we will share our joy of experiencing fine things that can elevate every day life.

Learn how to make your own fresh loaf of health positive bread through a hands on session. Eat a homemade Neapolitan style thin crust pizza made in our handmade Tuscan style wood fired dome pizza oven. Go on a curated journey to taste some of the finest single malts of the world. Or set out on a long trek to a stunning river at the bottom of a valley while experiencing rural mountain life.

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Lazy homebody

1. Play board games: We have a range of board games like scrabble, carom, chess, darts, poker, and codenames available for use on request on a first come first serve basis.
2. Cook: If you have booked the entire villa or there are no other guests during your stay, you are welcome to try your hand out in our kitchen by whipping up something delicious using the available ingredients.
3. Gardening: If you know your way around a garden, you are welcome to potter around in our garden helping with de-weeding or planting or watering.
4. Reading: Each room in the villa has an eclectic collection of books from our personal book collection. Read them during your stay but don’t forget to return them when leaving!

Outdoorsy hiker

There are many hikes you can take in the forests and trails around Fagunia Farmstay ranging from easy to difficult as detailed below. Majority of them are self-paced hikes that you can take up on your own. If you require a local to accompany you on the hike, please let us know and we can arrange one for a nominal cost.

Golu Dev Mandir Hike

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: ~4 km
Time: 2 hours

Sam Dev Mandir Hike

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Distance: ~5 km
Time: ~3 hours

We strongly recommend that you take a local with you for a nominal honorarium for this hike as the route is tough in parts and not easy.

Aghora Village Hike

Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: ~7 km
Time: ~5 hours

Khurpatal Lake Hike

Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Distance: ~7 km
Time: ~5 hours

Closet farmer

If you have a green thumb or know your way around a farm, you are welcome to help out on our farm doing one or all of the following:
1. Trim boundary plants
2. Prepare fields
3. Plant or harvest (depending on season)
4. De-weed

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