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Fagunia Farmstay homestay near Nainital

Fagunia Farmstay - A Song in Stone

Literally hand built, stone by stone, by a Kumaoni farmer and then lovingly renovated and expanded by a Pahadi-Telugu couple, Fagunia Farmstay is a bespoke mountain home that is the epitome of subtle charms and understated, minimalist luxury.

Fagunia Farmstay is an ecofriendly, fully solar powered homestay near Nainital, located on the stunning Fagunia farm in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Our dream come true home is based in a remote, rural but serene hamlet. It is surrounded by gorgeous forests, seasonal waterfalls, and has spectacular views of the mountains in front. This little piece of heaven is hard to reach. But it is the perfect place for discerning travelers who are looking to reconnect with nature and for a quiet place to unwind. We are sure you will fall in love with it like we did.

Accessed by a beautiful but adventurous drive on a rough track through an enchanting forest, over Raj era arched bridges across seasonal waterfalls, and with a short walk down in the end, Fagunia Farmstay is an experience in itself. The sprawling farm estate around the homestay is home to a permaculture farm, pristine natural spaces, a seasonal waterfall and many delightful nooks. It is almost a secret location where you can leave the world behind and imbibe the serenity of an unspoiled arcadia.

Please note that we are an ecofriendly home, serious about reducing our footprint and living sustainably, and not a resort or a hotel or a villa. We are an owner run and managed small operation. Do scroll down to understand what you can expect from a stay with us and to book your stay.

Fagunia Farmstay homestay near Nainital


Layout & Rooms

Fagunia Farmstay is uniquely built across different levels using up cycled local stone and wood. Our homestay is apt for a family or a group wanting exclusive access to the entire home and farm estate. The homestay has three rooms, a spacious suite and 2 smaller double rooms, and can host up to 8 guests. All rooms are thoughtfully curated and luxuriously appointed utilizing a minimalist aesthetic. They are furnished with handpicked antique furniture, bespoke furnishings and art pieces to make your stay comfortable and memorable. There is a certain quirkiness in the way we have utilized the available space that you may have fun in experiencing. Read more about our homestay, rooms and check out their unique layouts here.

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If you have any questions. Call or WhatsApp us on: +91 8826915266

285 km
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>100 spp



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Fagunia Farmstay’s food is an eclectic melange of Pahadi and Telugu influences. Simple yet nutritious, wholesome yet light. We use local ingredients as much as possible. Most of the vegetables are sourced from our or neighboring farms when available so that you can have the freshest farm to table experience and discover the difference that farm fresh, organic, seasonal, home cooked food can have on your taste buds. To reduce our environmental impact, use of packaged food is kept to a minimum so we do not serve carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices or fast food. We also do not offer a la carte ordering or room service.

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Fagunia Farmstay is located in a small and remote hamlet in Uttarakhand in the Kumaon mountains of the Indian Himalayas at an altitude of ~5000 feet, about 285 km or 6-7 hrs driving time from Delhi. The last 4 km of the route to our village is a scenic, motorable but stony and untarred, rough forest track (see video and photos on the link below). From our village parking area, you will have to walk down a cemented village path for about 5-10 mins to reach our place. Please note that this path is not accessible friendly so our place is not apt for anyone with mobility issues. The link below has a video of the entire path so do view it to check if you are comfortable with its distance and steepness.

Location Details


Go on long walks in the surrounding sun dappled and pine scented forests in search of colourful birds and butterflies. Lend a helping hand on the farm. Observe the unhurried pace of village life. Write your next great book. Come up with a life changing idea. Or just find a quiet corner, put up your feet, stare at the beautiful vista, relax and slowly let go of all your worries.

What To Do?

Fagunia Experiences

Enhance your mountain stay with us through a special experience. Through these curated activities, led by an Experience Curator, we will share our joy of experiencing fine things that can elevate every day life.

Learn how to make your own fresh loaf of health positive bread through a hands on session. Eat a homemade wood fired Neapolitan pizza made in our handmade Tuscan style dome pizza oven. Go on a curated journey to taste some of the finest single malts of the world. Or set out on a long trek to a stunning river at the bottom of a valley while experiencing rural mountain life.

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Many eco-friendly features have been incorporated into the construction and running of Fagunia Farmstay to reduce the impact and footprint of the homestay. Almost all of the stone and most of the wood used in the construction was recycled and upcycled from the earlier house. Much of the furniture in the homestay is refurbished antique furniture. Rooms are compact to retain warmth and reduce energy usage for heating. Solar water heating and LED lighting reduce electricity consumption while rain water collection and storage help with conservation of water. Sustainable grey and black water management and waste management systems help in on site treatment and recycling of waste and prevent pollution. In addition, we have many special features, which we hope will enhance your stay.

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While we would love to share our dream home with everyone, given our remote, off the road location next to forests, and our eco-friendly focus, we are cautious about who we host to ensure that we can offer the most memorable experience to like minded and responsible travelers.

If you love being close to nature, want to travel responsibly and don’t mind doing without certain urban luxuries like TV, toilet paper, 24/7 running hot water, uninterrupted power and WiFi, then our place will be perfect for you. Here are our simple house guidelines that you will need to be aware of.


Isn’t it better to listen to the natural music of the forests, animals and birds instead of some loud song? So please don’t play loud music at our place. And strictly no music after 10 pm please.

Check in

Our check in time is 2 pm. Early check in is not possible. We recommend you reach our place before dark as the forest track to our village is best driven on during daylight hours.


We have a high speed broadband internet connection but given our remote location, it can sometimes go down. In case you need constant access to the net, please carry a Jio 4G dongle.


Water is a super precious and scarce resource in the mountains. Please use water judiciously. While we have showers, please opt for bucket showers. We reserve the option of removing shower panels in summer in case of limited water supply.


We offer chargeable bonfire service between November-February. Please don’t request for bonfire outside of these months. Please do keep in mind that bonfire needs wood from trees, takes time and effort to source and also has an impact on the local environment.


Located in a remote rural village, we are prone to regular power cuts. As an ecofriendly, solar powered home, we only use a solar powered inverter for power backup and it has limited backup capacity. So please bear with us in case our power backup runs out due to longer power cuts.

Meal Times

Our meals are as per a fixed menu and served at fixed times. Please co-operate by having meals at the designated times. Our kitchen closes at 10:00 pm so please don’t request for late dinner service as our staff need to go home, rest and prepare for the next day. Lunch on the day of checkin is not included. It will not be possible for us to arrange for lunch on the day of checkin.

What to pack

We do not provide toilet paper or dental/shaving kits. We provide shower gel, shampoo, towels and hand wash in refillable containers. Please carry your own toothpaste, toothbrush, razor and toilet paper. Also pack organic insect repellent, torch, good closed walking shoes, personal medicines, beverages and chargers.

Plastic waste

Mountains are highly fragile, eco-sensitive landscapes and increasing plastic waste here is a grave threat. We firmly request that you minimize the amount of plastic you bring with you. And please help us manage such non-degradable waste by taking back whatever plastic waste you generate during your stay and disposing it responsibly in the plains.

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