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Introducing Fagunia Lakeview Apartment

Literally handbuilt stone by stone by a Kumaoni farmer and lovingly rebuilt and expanded by a Pahadi-Telugu couple, Fagunia Farmstay is a charming mountain villa homestay that is an epitome of subtle charms and understated luxury.

Located about 15 km from Nainital in a remote hamlet in the middle Himalayas of Uttarakhand, our little piece of heaven is the perfect place for discerning travelers who are looking to reconnect with nature and a quiet place to unwind. Accessed by a beautiful but adventurous drive on a rough track through an enchanting forest filled with birds and over old British era arched bridges across seasonal waterfalls, with a short walk down in the end, Fagunia Farmstay is a special place to experience.

While we would love to share our dream home with everyone, given our remote, off the road location next to forests, and our eco-friendly focus, we are cautious about who we host to ensure that we can offer the most memorable experience to like minded guests. So do scroll down and read through till the end of this page below to understand what you can expect from a stay with us.

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Eco-friendly Features

Many eco-friendly features have been incorporated into the construction and running of Fagunia Farmstay to reduce the impact and footprint of the villa. Almost all of the stone and most of the wood used in the construction was recycled from the earlier house. Much of the furniture in the villa is refurbished antique furniture. Rooms are compact to retain warmth and reduce energy usage for heating. Solar water heating and LED lighting reduce electricity consumption while rain water collection and storage help with conservation of water. A sustainable grey and black water management system helps in on site treatment and recycling of waste and prevents pollution.

Using a solar water heating system and LED lighting.

Collecting, filtering, storing and using rooftop rainwater.

Minimizing plastic use. Encouraging guests to not bring any plastic and take back any that they bring/generate.

Trying to source 50% of food used from within a 5 km radius.

Composting wet waste and safely disposing dry waste.

Changing bed linen and towels every 4 days of a guest’s stay to minimize water and detergent usage for washing.

Filtering grey water through an on site recharging soak pit.

Using vegetables and fruits grown organically on our farm.

Managing sewage sustainably through a recycling system onsite that converts sewage into natural fertilizer for use on our farm..

Read more about all of our eco-friendly and special features, which we hope will enhance your stay.

Book the full villa or choose room(s)

You can book individual rooms separately or the full villa for exclusive access to the estate. Please note that we offer full villa bookings on a self-catering model only for a maximum of 8 guests. The villa has two independent suites and two independent bedrooms, all with ensuite bathrooms along with a common kitchen and an al fresco dining area that overlooks the adjacent pine forest.

Rooms are oriented on a north-south axis to have the best possible views with large windows and doors to maximize the flow of light and air when needed. There is also a certain quirkiness in the way we have utilized the available space that you may have fun in experiencing!

The communal and extensive garden areas spread around the villa have been structured to be easily available from each level of the house and are also meant to encourage guests to start conversations with each other. The sprawling estate is home to pristine natural spaces, a seasonal waterfall and has many delightful nooks and niches where you can leave the world behind and imbibe the peace and quiet of an unspoilt natural world.

Relax and enjoy the magnificent views from our sun drenched garden
Our flagship suite with a killer view, antique four poster bed and cute attic bedroom
A unique duplex with a split level layout, king sized bed, attic bedroom and a semi-private sitout
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Our contemporary kitchen where the culinary magic happens.
Our biergarten style seating lets you enjoy both the food and the views.
Relax and enjoy the magnificent views from our sun drenched garden
A cosy room perfect for those on a budget
A bright and cheerful room with lovely garden and mountain views.
Our flagship suite with a killer view, antique four poster bed and a cute attic bedroom
Hover on the white dots to know more about our cosy rooms and dining area.
COVID-19 Safety Measures
We are taking all possible COVID-19 precautions to keep our guests and our staff safe so we are preferring to currently host guests who agree to:
1. Book minimum 2 rooms for 2 nights stay
2. Adhere to all of our and govt COVID-19 related safety and hygiene measures
3. Avoid going to the village area
4. Follow all local health and safety regulations in case of any illness and undertake any required medical evacuation or quarantine on their own responsibility and cost.

Long Term Rental

For 30 days minimum stay

Fagunia Lakeview Apartment

1300 sq ft
Free WiFi
Located in a quiet and serene lake facing gated community, 6 km from Fagunia Farmstay, this fully furnished 2 bedroom flat is perfect for those wanting a monthly long term rental to experience slow mountain life.
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Starts from₹1,167.00/night

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What To Do?

Go on long walks in the surrounding sun dappled and pine scented forests in search of colourful birds and butterflies. Lend a helping hand on the farm. Observe the unhurried pace of village life. Write your next great book. Come up with a life changing idea. Or just find a quiet corner, put up your feet, stare at the beautiful vista, relax and slowly let go of all your worries.


275 km
~6 hrs*
DRIVING TIME FROM New Delhi (*under ideal driving conditions)
>80 spp

Our Location

Fagunia Farmstay is located in the state of Uttarakhand, in a small hamlet called Faguniakhet in the Kumaon mountains of the Indian Himalayas at an altitude of about 5000 feet, about 4 km off the Nainital-Kaladhungi road. You can reach us by road, rail or air.

We will send you the detailed directions after booking confirmation. Do note that the last 3 km of the route to our village is a scenic but stony and untarred, rough forest road (see video and photos of the route on the link below), which can seem scary and adventurous but is motorable and needs to be driven on with caution. SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks are fine as long as they have decent ground clearance. Vehicles bigger than a typical SUV like Force Travelers or mini-buses cannot be driven on this forest road. We can arrange (chargeable) local car transfers for the forest road.

From our village parking area, you will have to walk down a cemented village path for about 5-10 mins to reach our place. Please note that this path is not accessible friendly so our place is not apt for anyone with mobility issues. The link below has a video of the path so do view it to check if you are comfortable with its distance and steepness. Our staff will help to carry down your bags.

Do note that our villa is built across multiple levels and therefore has external and internal staircases (up to one flight of stairs) to access some of the rooms/attics/dining area so if you have mobility issues then our place may not be apt for you.

Location Details

The food at Fagunia is an eclectic melange of Pahadi and Telugu influences. Simple yet nutritious, wholesome yet easy on the stomach, we use seasonal farm fresh and locally available ingredients as much as possible. Most of the vegetables are sourced from our or neighbouring farms when available so that you can have the freshest farm to table experience and discover the difference that fresh, organic, seasonal home cooked food has on your tastebuds.

To reduce our impact on the environment and not create unnecessary garbage, our use of packaged food is kept to a minimum so for example we will not serve carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices or fast food.

Buffet Meals
Home style, freshly cooked meals
Gehat dal paratha
Aloo Puri
Pakoras with a view
Bread Omlet
Podi Idlis
Health positive kansa tableware
Chicken Curry
Dining Area

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Fagunia Farmstay Guidelines

While we would love to share our dream home with everyone, given our remote, off road location next to forests, and our eco-friendly focus, we are cautious about who we host to ensure that we can offer the most memorable experience to like minded guests.

If you love being close to nature, want to travel responsibly, live sustainably and don’t mind doing without certain urban luxuries like TV, toilet paper, 24/7 running hot water, and uninterrupted power and WiFi, then our place will be perfect for you. Here are some simple house rules and guidelines that you will need to agree and adhere to when staying with us.

Music & Electricity

Isn’t it better to listen to the natural music of the forests, animals and birds instead of some loud song? So please don’t play loud music at our place. And strictly no music after 10 pm please in our outdoor areas.

Located in a remote rural village, we are prone to regular power cuts. While we have a solar inverter it has a finite backup capacity. So please bear with us in case of longer power cuts and power backup runs out.

Plastic waste

Mountains are highly fragile, eco-sensitive landscapes and increasing plastic waste here is a grave threat. We firmly request that you minimize the amount of plastic waste you bring with you. And please, please help us manage such non-degradable waste by taking back whatever plastic waste you generate during your stay and disposing it responsibly in the plains. Thank you for helping us keep mountains pristine and beautiful.

Toiletries & what to pack

We do not provide toiletries, toilet paper or toothpaste. We provide hand wash in refillable containers. Please carry your own toiletries, tooth paste and toilet paper.

We are located in a small and remote village with the nearest shop about 4 km away. So please also pack organic insect repellent (if you need it), torch, raincoat or umbrella, good closed walking shoes, personal medicines and chargers.

Water & WiFi

Water is a super precious and scarce resource in the mountains. Please use water judiciously. While we have installed showers, please go for bucket showers. We reserve the option of removing shower panels from our bathrooms during peak summer months in case of limited water supply.

We have a dedicated broadband connection but given our remote location, it can sometimes go down and take some time to be back up. In case you need mission critical access to the net, please carry a Jio 4G dongle with you.


We offer a bonfire service for the comfort of our guests but only between November-February. Please don’t request for bonfire outside of these months. And also, please do keep in mind, bonfire needs wood from trees and takes time and effort to source and also has an impact on the local environment. So please use and burn only as needed to keep warm.

Meal Times

Our meals are as per a fixed menu and served at fixed times. Please co-operate by having meals at the designated times. Our kitchen closes at 10:30 pm so please don’t request for late dinner service as our staff need to go home, rest and prepare for the next day.

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