The food at Fagunia Farmstay is an eclectic melange of Pahadi and Telugu influences. Simple yet nutritious, wholesome yet easy on the stomach, we use seasonal farm fresh and locally available ingredients as much as possible. Most of the vegetables are sourced from our or neighboring farms when available so that you can have the freshest farm to table experience and discover the difference that fresh, organic, seasonal home cooked food can have on your taste buds.

To reduce our impact on the environment and not create unnecessary garbage, our use of packaged food is kept to a minimum so for example we will not serve carbonated drinks or packaged fruit juices or fast food.


Fixed Menu-Click to Expand

The meals are cooked in our fully equipped contemporary kitchen as per a fixed menu (see above) and will be served buffet style at designated times in our dining area with glorious views where you can eat at leisure on our biergarten style dining seating. We do not have a la carte ordering or room service options.

Dining Area
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