Fagunia Experiences

Enhance your mountain vacation with a special Fagunia Experience. Through these curated activities, led by an Experience Curator, we will share our joy of experiencing fine things that can elevate every day life.

Learn how to make your own fresh loaf of health positive bread at home through a hands on session. Go on a curated journey to taste some of the finest single malts of the world. Or set out on a long trek to a stunning river at the bottom of a valley while experiencing rural mountain life. Check out details below to learn more about each special experience.

The experiences are only available exclusively to our guests upon prior intimation, at our discretion and when the experience curators are available. Reserve your spot today by using the contact options mentioned below.

Do check back often for new experiences that we will be adding from time to time.

Bread Baking

Duration & Seats: 3-4 hrs & 2 ppl per day

Cost: ₹1500/person

What will you experience
Experience the joy of baking fresh bread everyday at home. Through this half day introduction to bread baking you will learn about:

Basics of bread baking
Types of yeast
Ingredients & measurements
Basic dough and variations
Baking of the dough
Do’s & dont’s, tips & tricks

You will also get hands on experience of combining the ingredients to make and shape dough, and then set it for baking.

The course will end with the baking of a fresh loaf of daily use bread that you can take back with you.

Experience curator: Aditi Pokhriyal
Aditi is the co-founder of Fagunia. She is a self taught baker who has been baking at home for the last half decade. From multi-grain breads to mushroom rolls, baguettes, focaccia and loafs to sourdough boules and rye breads, Aditi continues to learn and experiment with baking at home. She is now excited to share her joy of baking with fellow baking enthusiasts.

How to book
Please share the info mentioned below and we will get back to you.

Note: Do note that baking experience is dependent on power and in case there is a power disruption, the experience may need to be postponed or even cancelled.

Single malt tasting

Duration & Seats: ~1 hour & 2 ppl per day

What will you experience
Go on a journey with some of the finest single malts of the world. Through this tasting experience, you will learn about:

What are single malts
How are they produced
Importance of Scotland in the single malt world
Scottish single malt regions
Brief introduction to Indian single malts
How to taste single malts: nose, palate & finish

As part of the tasting session, you will taste four to five single malts from different distillers.

Experience curator: Anil Cherukupalli
Anil is the co-founder of Fagunia. He has been exploring the world of fine spirits as an enthusiast for the last decade. He especially loves trying out single malts from around the world. He has also recently started brewing craft beer at home. He occasionally shares his reviews and stories of fine spirits on Instagram as @thetipplerist.

How to reserve a spot
Please share the info mentioned below and we will get back to you.

Sonkhmari River Trek

Duration, Distance & Seats: 5-7 hrs, ~8 km & 4 ppl max per day

Cost: ₹500/group

What will you experience
Set out on a long trek to the stunning river at the bottom of the valley in front of us.

Along the way you will pass through beautiful stretches of forests, far flung homes and farms of hardy mountain folk. At the end you will reach a gorgeous, boulder strewn riverside where you can have your packed lunch, rest and relax for the long climb back.

There will be a local who will accompany you. By undertaking this trek, you will be supporting our efforts to develop additional income opportunities for locals. The cost charged for the trek will be paid in full to the local.

Since this trek involves a tough and steep climb back with an elevation gain of ~500m over 4 km, it is strictly recommended only for adults with good fitness. Children are not allowed.

This trek is available only during the dry season between November to June.

Experience curator: Himanshu or Dinesh
Himanshu and Dinesh are local youth and live along the trek route. Please note that they are not trained trek guides but they do have decent knowledge of local flora and fauna.

How to reserve a spot
Please email us the info mentioned below and we will get back to you.

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