Himalayan Garlic Powder

Himalayan Garlic Powder


Naturally dehydrated garlic powder is made in small batches from Himalayan garlic grown on our permaculture Himalayan farm.

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Single Origin. Small Batch. 100% Organic. Homemade. Seasonal.

Our deeply flavorful and aromatic Himalayan garlic powder is made from hand picked Himalayan garlic grown organically on our permaculture Himalayan farm at an altitude of ~5000 ft. As a permaculture farm practicing bio diverse, organic and natural agriculture, we do not use any chemical pesticides or urea or any artificial additives on our farm.

The selected garlic pods are then gently sun dried in the pure and invigorating winter sunshine of the mountains. They are then carefully ground into a powder in small batches and packed in a glass bottle that can be refilled or reused.

As a family run farm in a remote mountain location, we are focused on sustainability and being self sufficient. We grow our garlic in small quantities as part of a biodiverse farm with companion plants. We grow for our personal use primarily and sell only the excess in the form of tthis flavorful garlic in very small, seasonal batches that we call microlots.

This Himalayan garlic powder is perfect as a flavorful substitute for raw garlic. Due to its intense flavor, only a small quantity is sufficient to elevate the favor of your favorite dish.

Himalayan garlic is like a super food and has innumerable health benefits from boosting heart health to enhancing immunity.

Ingredients: Sun dried organic Himalayan garlic

Net Weight: 25 gms

Container: Reusable glass jar with metal cap

Storage: Store in a cool dark place

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